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As a DJ on Dubstep.fm, you agree to the following terms

  • Donations
  • You are required to plug the donation link (https://www.dubstep.fm/donate) at least once during your show.

  • Genre/Music Played On Air
  • The name of the station speaks for itself. This is not softrock.fm, easylistening.fm, brostep.fm, drumstep.fm, or trap.fm.
    Please only play Dubstep music on the air. When a DJ strays away from Dubstep we notice a drop in listeners.
    Listeners tune in to Dubstep.fm and expect to hear Dubstep music.
    We do not want to mis-represent this wonderful sound.

  • Track Lists
  • All DJ's using serato are required to use serato's built in track list export feature to post a track list via serato.com.
    For DJ's not using serato, you are encouraged to post your track list on the facebook event page for your show (hosted by the dsfm facebook page).

  • Microphone Usage
  • Part of your setup must include a microphone.
    Informing listeners of the show/DJ they are listening to any shouts or dedications asked for in the chat and any other information you are asked by management to broadcast.
    We only require that you use your microphone at regular periodic intervals throughout your show.
    As a guide, every 30 minutes is adequate.

  • Internet Connection
  • You must use a wired internet connection (hard line).
    A wireless internet connection will not work as wireless internet connections drop too many packets and you will get disconnected from the server in the middle of your show.
    Make sure that your wireless is turned OFF before you connect to the server for broadcasting.

  • MC's
  • Dubstep.fm has a no MC policy.
    It is statistically proven that we loose listeners when an MC is on the air.
    The listeners of Dubstep.fm tune in to hear music, not an MC with a fake rasta accent bigging himself up.
    If your doing your job as a good DJ, you dont need the support of an MC.

  • Pre-Recorded Shows
  • Your show must be a live performance.
    Pre-recorded shows may only be broadcast subject to managements approval.

  • Advertising On Air
  • You may advertise from other organisations or events you are involved with.
    You are prohibted from advertising other radio/streaming stations.
    Failure to comply may result in suspension.

  • Other DJ's On Your Shows (Guests)
  • You may have guest DJ's on your show, however please be aware that you are responsible for the actions of your guest.
    Should your guest violate any of these terms, you may be suspended.

  • Swearing & Abuse
  • You are free to express yourself in any manner.
    Profanities should not be used in an abusive manner.
    On the air or in the chat.

  • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Broadcasting a show under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not encouraged, however as you will be broadcasting the show from your own premises, you are free to do as you please.
    However any artist found to be abusing this in such a way that results in unprofessionalism or abuse to other artists/listeners/management, actions will be taken.

  • Dubplates & Unsigned Material
  • You are free and encouraged to play dubplates or unsigned material of which permission has been granted.
    Please only play unsigned material of which you have been given permission by the producer/label to play.

  • Playing On Other Stations
  • You are free to play on any other stations you so wish.
    Advertising of other stations you broadcast on is not acceptable.

  • Schedules & Air Play
  • You may only broadcast on your booked day and time.
    All shows must be booked at least 24 hour in advance.
    You may pre-book shows up to 90 days in advance.

  • Renegade Sessions
  • If you would like to broadcast outside of your scheduled show, please seek permission from a member of the admin team or management.
    All renegade shows must be booked at least 1 hour before your intended broadcast time.

  • Time Keeping
  • You are required to maintain good time-keeping which means being prompt for your shows.
    Ready to connect with all settings correct.
    Failure to maintain good time-keeping may result in a warning being given.
    If you know you are going to be late for your show or are unable to broadcast your show for whatever reason, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • Chat (IRC)
  • You are required to be in the chat at least 10 mins prior, and for the duration of your scheduled show.
    This is so the listeners/admins/management may communicate effectively with the DJ.
    Any slander or 'cyber bullying' from anyone (DJ or listener) is not accepted and may result in a kick/ban from the chat.

  • Passwords & Stream Info
  • Your are forbidden to give out any passwords or related information provided to you for streaming your shows.
    Only Dubstep.fm admin and management have permission to give out passwords.
    If it is found that such information has been passed to persons not part of Dubstep.fm, this will result in instant termination.
    Passwords may be changed randomly or whenever a DJ/show is no longer with the station.

  • Disclaimer
  • By broadcasting on Dubstep.fm you agree to the terms of usage listed above.
    Dubstep.fm reserves the right to disconnect, ban, suspend, or permanently terminate a dj/show for any reason without notice.

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